That's my iPhone's passcode. A single "3".

It wasn't hard to do. In "Settings>General>Passcode Lock", turn off "Simple Passcode". Now, type in a new passcode, but make it only numbers. A passcode made solely from numbers will still show the number keypad instead of a full keyboard.

Why "3"? Because it's just under "ok". Fast and easy on older phones.

"Hey! You're telling everybody your passcode! Isn't that dangerous?"

Back in the saddle again!

So here's a gritty little thing I'm making.

It's been so long since I've had a soap box. Kind of a "Shoemaker's son going without shoes" thing. I wanted a site that looked awesome, so I spent way too much time thinking about how it should look and not enough time actually writing in it.

This changes that. It's a mess. It's ugly. I'll fix and change things as I go. Hell… I might change platforms completely (Drupal's insane level of distraction drives me… insane, but I'm also using this as a test bed for site design).