Cubes for Tue Mar 02 2021 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

拉肚子 (La Duzi)

Jack had travelled most of the world. Originally a shy child, he had grown into a social butterfly1. He was also comfortable blending in2 with the locals. Always active, he rarely stayed in one place for too long3.

His favourite part of travel was the food. He would sample everything, even things that looked alien4. Some of the food looked like it belonged in a Petri dish5 instead of on his dish, but he still ate it with gusto.

Not every meal ended well. One time, the belly pain6 almost caused him to faint. The gas sounded like a rocket7 was taking off. Everyone around him knew what he needed without him asking. They signalled and pointed8 to the nearest washroom. He rushed to it, but someone was already in the stall…

So close, yet so far9.

NB. The third set was supposed to be original, but when I pulled dice from the bag, no cubes from that set appeared.