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A beautiful prison

When the princess1 awoke, she was surprised2 to the luxurious design of the room she was in. It wasn’t quite as nice as her own room back home, but she couldn’t complain at the comfort of it.

But she didn’t know how she came to be here. As she wandered around the room, she picked up an apple3 from a central table and took a bite. Some of the images on the wall showed naval battles4, but unlike paintings, they seems to move.

Her surprise turned to worry5 when she found the door locked. She peeked through the door lock6 to see a long corridor. The faintest sound of music7 could be heard.

Her mind reeled with thoughts of how she had come to be in this other-worldly8 place. She felt like a fly in a trap9, not knowing what was going on.

Then, she heard a key unlock the door.