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A dangerous dare

Casey knew the risks of going into the abandoned school. Risks that were doubled because of his wheelchair1.

But the dare had been set and he wasn’t going to hide behind his disability.

The simplest risk was that something had fallen from the ceiling, blocking his path to the science lab. He had convinced the other boys to send someone along to help clear the path. They “volun-told” Matthew, the geeky kid with too many pimples and enough metal in his mouth to get FM radio2, to go along and “help”.

Now, the two boys where in the foyer. The roof was covered in spider webs3 and the floors crawling with ants4. A rotting mascot statue sat in the corner, looking like a monster out of an old horror movie5.

Casey asked what the best way through was, but Matthew, wearing a shiny space helmet6, gave the “zipped lips”7 signal to say he couldn’t help like that.

Casey sighed, told Matthew to wait, and put a hand on his head to think8. What was the plan? Were the other boys hiding in here to try and scare him or was it so dangerous that they wouldn’t venture inside?

He finally waved at the other boy, pointed in a direction9, and started to wheel forward.