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A game with a twist

Thork had been dropped into this game1, but it was anything but to him. The game designers had compiled a list2 of warriors from different time periods. He was competing against them for his life.

He had already defeated a skilled swordsman3, but much of that was luck. He had managed to position the other fighter over a trap4 in the ground.

If the other combatants weren’t enough, this place was full of natural dangers too. Some creatures laid traps5 while others waited patiently for their prey to get near the pool of water they hid in6.

Thork wasn’t sure what the purpose of all this was, but he knew one thing: everyone had underestimated him—thinking he was a “dim-witted caveman7”. He could use that to his advantage. He definitely wasn’t going to play their game8 of “cat and mouse” by their rules. It was time to reveal9 his true intelligence.