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A glorious day

It was the first time in weeks that Jason had been outside1.

Measles2 had been especially hard on him. It had damaged his immune system and he contracted emphysema.

One night, the coughing go so bad that he couldn’t breath. Jason’s parents raced him to the hospital where doctors put him on machines3 to keep him alive. The doctors explained that he almost died4. The coughing had caused fluid to build up in his lungs, making it feel like he was drowning5.

In the weeks that passed, he lived in that hospital. He learned all of the doctors’ and nurses’ names, but rarely saw their faces without masks6. It was rare for them not to be walking in and out of his room, checking on him.

By the time his birthday arrived, he had regained enough strength to be discharged. His parents took him to the park where he opened presents7 and cooked hotdogs over a campfire8.

That night, he settled into bed with his favourite teddy bear9… and slept.