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A wake-up call

Zzzzt zzzzt!

“Ugh. Where is it?”

I stumbled around in the dark, still half asleep1. Where the hell did I leave it.

Zzzzt zzzzt!

“I know! I’m trying to… AH!”

Stumbled my toe on that bloody table in the hall. Again. I swear, one more time and it’s in the dumpster.

“What?”, I blurted quickly into the phone. Checking the time, it was still middle of the night2.

“Detective? We found Three Fingers."

My eyes shot open. My mind started to race. Wasn’t tired anymore.

“Great! Bring him in for questioning before he’s…”

“He’s dead.”3

I thought for a second, “How?”

“Buried alive4 . Looks like he tried to get out too, like a crab5 clawing it’s way to the top of one of those seafood aquariums. One hand was sticking out of the dirt6 when we found him.”

The picture was vivid in my mind.

Sarge continued, “we examined7 the body. Looks like he choked on rain from the storm8 last night. There are still a few puddles9 around to back that up. Not much chance of useful evidence because of that storm. Schmuck got a double helping of bad luck. He’s on his way to the morgue. Hopefully, an autopsy will give us something.”

Hopefully? I hung up the phone. The whole series of events rolling like a movie in my mind.

Things were about to get interesting.

I dialed Stallone. He needed to know that Three Fingers was alive when we put him in that hole. The mob was not going to be happy.