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Animal sanctuary

Xavier had been a “collector” for some time. As a child, he had started with a cat1. He had trained the cat to push a button2 when it was hungry, which would alert staff to feed it. That was fun, until the cat started sitting on the button all the time.

Coming from wealth, he had seen himself as a bit of a “saviour of animals”. He had purchased a whole island and created sections for various creatures. The Siberian Tigers3 where put on the north side of the volcano4 where it would stay cool, while his collection of sharks5 would be fenced in to a large bay that had been dredged deeper.

A media team had arrived at the island to interview him about his efforts. They had set up in a huge room that housed a huge aquarium full of piranhas6. Xavier and the interviewer sat near the aquarium, and he answered the questions without hesitation.

A camera man, trying for a better angle, backed up a little and tripped on a lighting wire. Some of the lighting tipped over7, banging into the aquarium.

First a chip, then a crack formed in the glass. It exploded with the pressure. The fish and water came crashing down8 to the floor. The room had been designed with a huge drain and Xavier watched in horror as a the whirlpool9 sucked his precious fish down the drain.