Cubes for Tue Jan 26 2021 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Black snow

Ren had been sleeping1. It had been a lazy2 day and he had gone to bed early. Bits of ash drifted through his open window and fluttered3 onto his face.

He woke slowly. The haze of sleep blurred his vision4. He blinked repeated at the black snow coming through his window. He went to close the window, but a rolling heat pushed him back5. Now, he was fully awake and needed to know what was going on.

He tested the door handle6 for heat. Thankfully, it was cool and he opened it. A little smoke curled around the door7.

The view from the living room wasn’t any better8. Ren decided to get out of the building in case it was the one on fire.

On his way out of the apartment, he grabbed a flashlight9. Then, he headed for the stairs.