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Cherry Bombs

The signs1 had all prohibited dropping stuff into the volcano2, but Randall had tossed a handful of cherry bombs anyway.

Now, the McPherson’s where running away from a huge smoke cloud billowing3 out of the crater.

Mrs. McPherson cursed a higher power4 for giving her such a precocious child. She cursed herself even more for not thoroughly examining5 his pockets for trinkets before starting up the volcano.

Now wasn’t the time to dwell on that. The ground started to shutter, causing dangerous rock slides6. It felt like they were traveling in circles7 with all the detours they made to avoid being buried alive8. But they kept a solid eye on the lighthouse9 where their boat was moored.

Just as they were rounding the final turn to the docks, a deafening boom shook the area. They watched as a giant, molten boulder fell on to their boat, sinking it in one fell swoop.