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City of riches

Eve had grown tired of being a ballerina1. The directors wanted mindless puppets2 that followed their script while the other dancers where becoming increasingly competitive. It was only a matter of time before she was pushed to injury or attacked3. She didn’t love ballet enough to risk getting kneecapped by accident… or worse4.

So when an opportunity came up to join an archeology dig in a South American jungle, she took it.

The first few weeks had been a struggle. The heat was unbearable. The monkeys5 kept trying to pull her hair. And no TV6.

But recently, something interesting had been unearthed. She had descended7 the pit with her team lead. The chiseled artwork on the walls pointed to a city of riches. The team lead had decided to pursue it and now, they were quickly drawing8 a map9 from the symbols before others stumbled on to what they were doing.

They scurried out of the pit, hopped into a Jeep, and were off before the rest of the team had woken up.