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Day at the Museum

The class was almost at the end of their tour. Most students had shown interest as Mrs. Martin guided them though various exhibits.

They had started in a room with dinosaurs. The students looked and pointed1 at a triceratops standing near a nest of eggs2. Some wanted to see the velociraptors instead.

They all followed the teacher into the next room. It contained scenes from the American civil war and the Wild West. They saw a group of soldiers carrying a flag3 in one display, and some Native Americans sending messages4 with fire5.

After that came the Ancient Egypt6 exhibit. Mrs. Martin asked them to count7 the number of mummies on display, but the students weren’t interested.

Finally, they arrived in a room titled “The Future”. Here the kids were allowed to touch things and do experiments. It didn’t take long for Johnny to drop something8 on the floor, causing a mess. The teacher spotted the exit9 and ushered the students toward it.

On the bus ride home, Mrs. Martin reminded them that there would be a small quiz about what they saw. The students eyes rolled and shoulders slumped at the thought of a perfectly good day being ruined by “learning”.