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Desert City

Everyone was puzzled1 how this mistake could have happened.

The city was new. Less than 20 years old, it had been build on a patch of arid desert. Without even a single cactus2, it looked like the surface of another planet3.

And for good reason: the ground temperature was too warm for anything because of underground thermals caused by the fault line. Satellites4 reported the area in high detail with spectral imaging and big-brained scientists5 warned of the underlying danger.

But the city was still built. Politicians touted the benefits of this new urban area. Secretly, they made closed-door deals with companies to move operations there and boost the uptake, shackling6 those companies to a dangerous situation. The politicians also lowered the cost of housing just enough to entice people without causing the developers to go bankrupt.

And now, the fault line was erupting, spewing magma from various locations across the city7. Those same politicians were now back-peddling8 on everything they said, trying to redirect blame to anyone else that had a role.

The people marched on the politician’s houses, fists in the air9, ready to exact justice.