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Don’t drink the water

Reporters around the globe had interviewed him, throwing him into the spotlight1.

Attention was something he didn’t need, but his managers had insisted that he get out of the lab and “find some balance2 in his life.”

He had won awards3 for his findings on genetic manipulation, unlocking4 countless, new treatments for debilitating illnesses.

And he was about to lose it all. Something had gone wrong with a program based on his research. The government had added a new chemical to a city’s water supply. The side-effects had not been good.

Now, he approached a water fountain5. Even wearing a full hazmat6 suit, he was careful not to touch the water while taking samples. He placed the sealed tubes7 in the basket of a nearby drone8. It would carry them to a facility and into a quarantined lab operated by robotic arms. No humans would touch these samples with their own hands9 again.

The scientist walked back to a safe zone. He would carefully climb out of this suit so it could be burned. His mind kept spinning with possible reasons for the failed program. Soon, he’d be in the lab, sorting it all out.