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For the Advancement of Science

The doctor was done with bureaucrats telling him what he could and couldn’t do, and he was determined to continue his research. But they were always watching1; always stopping him just at the edge of discovering something amazing.

Moving to his summer home deep in the woods2, he set up a new lab. One that would be difficult for them to spy on. He knew they’d still try, but the trees would add plenty of cover from satellites3.

His first experiments at combining ant4 and elephant5 DNA6 failed. He watched through the microscope7 as the DNA imploded on itself. But he wasn’t discouraged. The doctor refined and learned from each new attempt. Each month, he go closer to success.

The bureaucrats finally sent a team to find out what the doctor had been up to. They knocked, but got no answer. Entering the home, they found that it hadn’t been used in some time. Dust had settled on every surface. Moving further into the house, they found the doctor, long since dead. His body had been torn apart and strewn around the room they found him in. The team gathered close8, wondering what could have done this.

They stopped short of a slightly open door. Something was just beyond it9. Something big. And it was waking up.