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Going deep

It felt like an atomic bomb1 had gone off in his head. He sensed that he was falling, but that couldn’t be right. He knew he was in a chair back in the lab.

He waited until the initial dizziness went away and looks around. Everything else was nothing.

The vast darkness didn’t last long. A bright light rose over a horizon2 in the distance.

Shapes started to form. A young girl was being yelled at by someone bigger3. The details of the girl were clear, but the bigger person… the adult was almost formless, like a living shadow4. It was obvious they were angry by their gestures and tone of voice5, but the sounds didn’t make words.

A detail emerged in the larger person, a police star6. They must be some kind of law enforcement.

The larger person finished yelling at the girl and stormed off, slamming a gate7 behind them.

The observer was sucked backwards, watching the girl grow tiny in the distance. He slammed into something hard. Harder than any living person could have survived8.

Suddenly, he was back in the lab. The rest of the team had removed the apparatus9 when he started bleeding from his ears.

He tried to describe what he had seen, but was completely exhausted and fell unconscious.