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Lucky to be alive

“Lucky to be alive”, the doctors told me; a reminder to enjoy the rainbow1 after the torrential downpour.

I replayed the events like a movie2 in my mind.

I didn’t feel so lucky at being buried under several meters of heavy snow. When the rescue dog3 located my scent and dug me out, that was skill and training, not luck.

My broken legs4 would keep me from hiking long distances. I’d be on a cane5 for the rest of my life. Was that lucky?

Eating nothing but saltines6 because my throat and ears7 were raw from the hypothermia-causing infection didn’t feel lucky. Likewise, with the constant barrage of needles8.

Every doctor that came in pulled something new from their lab coat pocket9 and checked my vitals. Then they said that line. Every single one.

They had already turned their back to leave the room as I nodded gently.