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Marty and Ned

Marty had been playing near the the toy chest1. He had dug out a plastic bow2 that was missing its string and pretending to fire arrows at jellyfish3 and lobster4 toys.

Ned had been jumping as high as he could from the top of a small slide into the sandbox5. Being a fair bit bigger6 than the other children, he easily pushed them aside and ran up the slide again, kicking as much sand as he could when he landed.

Then, he saw Marty’s bow. “Mine”, he mumbled.

Ned started running toward Marty, quickly pushing him down. Marty fell on his backpack7. The sharp toys inside poking into his back. His glasses8 fell off his face and slid outside the barred fence9 of the play area. Tears welled up in Marty’s eyes as Ned laughed and walked away triumphantly.

The teachers raced into the enclosure when they heard Marty wailing, but by then, it was too late and none of the children could explain why he was crying.