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Power Pills

Issac’s supply of power pills1 was dwindling. He had gone further than any of his predecessors, but the challenges had grown more difficult with each step forward.

He wished all the challenges were like the first. Climbing2 trees wasn’t his strength, but he captured the bird3 with the next clue quickly. It was definitely easier than luring the big cat4 with a live meal; the cow5 was a lucky find. And the last challenge was almost his last until he calmed the huge beast6 by covering its eyes7.

Each challenge required a pill to increase his strength, speed, and stamina. He had hoped to save them for later in the quest, but had ended up relying on them from the beginning.

There couldn’t be many challenges left. Isaac stayed focus on getting to the goal8. The crown9 would be his.

He walked into a clearing. The ground started to tremble. He took another power pill and prepared for the next challenge.

NB. Emergency should have been part of this story, but no cubes were pulled from that set.