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Rose Manor

Glenn was still trying to turn the camera1 on as Tara slowly unlocked2 the old mansion. They had heard stories of Rose Manor’s horrific past.

The family that once lived there had met their fate when a teenaged boy3 knocked on the door during a storm. They invited him in, fed him, and gave him a bed to sleep in. When the family woke the next morning, the boy was gone. The manor was still locked from the inside.

During the next storm, the boy knocked again. Again, they invited him in. Again, he was gone when they awoke.

This happened over the course of many years. The boy would appear like clockwork4 just as the storm was about to hit. And vanish without a trace, even when they watched the door to his room all night. Nobody knew how the boy left or where he went, and he rarely said more than polite conversation.

Finally, in desperation, they drilled a spy hole through one of the walls. They watched the boy sleep. At one point he rolled over and vomited what appeared to be blood5, then went back to sleep. Shortly after two in the morning, he started thrashing around in agony. They watched in horror as he levitated in bed, looked directly at the hole6 where they were watching, silently screamed, and then vanished like an apparition7.

The family combed the town records for anyone that would match the description. They finally stumbled upon a boy that was poisoned8 by his mother,… in the Rose Manor. The family moved shortly afterward.

Glenn’s weather tracker9 chimed that the storm was approaching. Tara now had the camera and was finding a good spot to record from.

And then, they heard a knock on the door.