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Satellite Falls

The satellite was destroyed by a fragment of another rocket. What remained1 survived re-entry when it plummeted to Earth2. It crashed into the ocean off the coast of a small fishing town.

Authorities were quick to dismiss the chemicals3 and possible radiation as harmless to humans, but it didn’t take long to affect other plants and animals. Everything got bigger and more scary4, except humans.

An octopus5 was nicknamed “Kraken” when it was discovered to be 10 times the size of a Great Pacific octopus. Its offspring6 were also huge by any standard and quickly decimated the sea animal population.

More noticeable were house cats7. Over a series of months, they grew to the size of small lions. People feared that the cats would rise up8, return to their predator9 instincts, and start attacking humans.

Some people had already reported that their other pets had gone missing, possibly dragged off.