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Ursula had been scuba diving that day. While the earlier shark1 dive was her favourite, she was enjoying lightly drifting over a coral reef. She had descended a little over a drop-off when she realized her dive buddy wasn’t with her.

She was about to ascend when something approached her. Thinking it was another shark, she had retreated into a shallow dip in the wall.

It wasn’t a shark and she was trapped2.

Now, she was chained up3 in a strange shuttle4 that was making its way through a serpentine5 underwater canyon. As the vehicle exited the canyon, it passed the bones of a long-dead creature6 Ursula couldn’t identify. She tried to take it all in without freaking out, but just then, she spied7 a huge, underwater city8 in the distance. The shuttle was heading toward a giant portal9 on the side of the city.

Where was she being taken?