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Silky stared at the door. A man stood there, silhouetted by the hall light directly behind him1.

The man stepped in and closed the door. The single, low-hanging light2 over the table in this room made it impossible to make out his features. Silky may as well have been blind and feeling his way through life3. There was no way he’d be able to identify the man later.

“You saw the thief?” the man started.

“Y… yes.” Silky was named for his smooth talking nature, but he stumbled over his words.

“Describe him.”


“What?” the man questioned4.

“It was a woman,” Silky said sheepishly, “Pregnant5 too. Looked like she was pretty far along. I was kicking a stone6 down the road after a bad night of trying to hook up at the pub. She ran out of pawn shop and straight into me.”

“You were drinking that night?”

“Water7. I’ve done my 12 steps and only drink water now.”

The man in the shadows reached for the door handle8, “You’ll submit to a breathalyzer then?”

“Of course.”

The man left the room. While Silky waited he scanned a wall of missing person posters9. His mouth curled into a smile as one caught his attention. He had only crossed paths with her a couple nights ago, but the woman was unmistakable.