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Sir Greasyfingers

Sir Lloyd had fought valiantly and defeated all that had come within his reach1.

He had fooled the Knights of Cedarille into opening their gates2 by pretending to deliver a message3 from their king.

He had managed to get some rest at a small cottage4 just south of Vorgut.

And now, with little bit a few boards5 for protection he…

“Who’s greasy fingerprint6 is on the Ochre Dragon?”, Jimmy yelled as he pointed7 the the figurine.

“I told you to wash your hands after eating that piece of chicken.”, Dan said.

“I did! That’s not mine!”

“We can’t finish the campaign with dirty pieces!”

“It’s getting late anyway. Let’s finish tomorrow.”, Simon said as he closed his DM notes8.

Everyone was tired after a long session. They all agreed and Simon blew out the candle9, signalling the end of a good day of Dungeons & Dragons.