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Solemn Forest

They had come to Solemn Forest1 on a dare. The local folk tales had been too much. The townsfolk had spoken of terrible beasts2 and predators3 that would strip a person of their flesh while still breathing.

The stories made their hearts race4.

Getting here was uneventful. The group passed by the stone totems5. Meant to deter people from entering, they were definitely grotesque and looked like they had been frozen that way by Medusa6.

“Well… the bugs7 are pretty terrible.”, Gary said as he swatted another one away from his food.

Adding more fuel8 to the camp fire9, Zooey added, “Lamest haunted forest ever.”

The friends joked and celebrated their victory as the suns went down. None noticed the wind had stopped blowing through the trees and the forest had gone completely quiet.