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Long ago, during a terrible war 1that made most of the surface uninhabitable, the wealthy built Solis as the last great city. The city was protected by a huge dome2 that made it feel like paradise.

Instead of inviting refugees in, the leaders of Solis locked the gates and forgot about the outside world. The outside survivors went underground and built Subterrania.

The current Subterrania queen3 was tired of living underground. She was tired of seeing her people—usually hearty and strong4—wilt from the constant struggle of digging new tunnels or fending off the creatures5 that dug there too.

Solis could provide sanctuary for the queen’s people. Her advisors6 created a plan to burrow toward the geothermal tubes7 that powered the city. A team would be sent through the tubes8 and into city. Their bows and arrows9 might be antique compared to Solis technology, but their sheer numbers could overtake the city.

The queen dreamt of what sun felt like on her face.