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Something to Forget the Pain

Erick laid in his hay cart1, his belly still doing circles2 while he watched dragonflies3 buzz around in the evening light.

He had gone to the wizard4 looking for something to help with his anguish. He had lost his wife5 months ago, but still missed her. The wizard had promised him something to take his mind off the pain of a broken heart6. He ground up and mixed odd ingredients — a bit of minotaur horn7, a zombie’s finger nail8, and others — and dumped the lot in a small boiling caldron. Then, the wizard poured the vile mixture into a flask and handed it to Erick, telling him to take a swig whenever his feelings overwhelmed him.

It didn’t take long for Erick to try it. Swallowing quickly to avoid the taste, he waited. Suddenly, he doubled over in pain9, his stomach feeling like it was being turned inside out. Climbing into his cart, he curled up and waited, only able to focus on this pain.