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The archer's bad idea

The sorcerer1 couldn’t believe how poorly this quest had gone.

He had sent an archer2 to retrieve a locked3 box from the middle of a forest. The instructions were simple: follow the path; stay on the path; do not stray from the path.

The archer had the idea4 that he could save some time by taking a shortcut. When he stopped for lunch, he tossed a few crumbs5 to a beetle6 for entertainment. The beetle grew tenfold and tried to attack. Luckily, the archer’s aim was true.

The sorcerer, watching through a magic mirror in the safety of his tower, prayed the archer would head back and follow the path.

He did not.

The archer continued deeper into the forest until he reached a glade covered in flowers7. He started to cross the clearing, but the scent from the flowers overwhelmed him and made him dizzy8. He sat down to wait for the world to stop spinning. Then, he tipped over unconscious.

The sorcerer shook his head as he stopped the magic mirror. He’d have to be more calculated 9with who he sent next.