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The ark

The ground was becoming unstable. Fissures had started forming and it wouldn’t be long before the dormant volcano these animals lived on finally erupted1.

The Ark Monks quickened their work. They had been watching2 different creatures from a distance and where now loading them into the ark3 for transport back to the future.

The triceratops4 had been difficult. It rammed the door5 as the monks tried to seal it up6. Thankfully, other large beasts like the mammoth7 were easier to entice into the ship.

The last thing to do was set up their success message8. It would be discovered millions of years later along with various fossils9, but would notify the team in the future to look for them.

Then, they took off for the dark side of the moon. They would sleep in cryogenic vaults until they were reawakened in their own time period.