Cubes for Sun Feb 28 2021 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The barn fire

The barn roof was engulfed in flames when the emergency crews arrived. Smoke billowed from the doors1 as firefighters2 rushed to hook up water3 hoses. A paramedic4 with a first-aid kit5 ran over to Steven, sitting on a hay-bale, covered in soot.

He was mucking stalls when the first bits of ash touched his head6. Looking up, he saw the start of the fire near a shattered lightbulb. Electricity7 had arced from the broken bulb to the dry wooden roof.

It didn’t take long for a blaze to start. Steven reacted quickly. First, opening the barn doors to the fields. Then, opening the stalls and getting the horses8 out.

By the time all the animals were safe9, most of the barn was on fire. He sat on the hay-bale, thinking about how swapped days with another groom to feed the animals. He shouldn’t even be there today.