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The basilisk

The wizard was shaking with excitement1. He had stolen2 the basilisk’s3 treasure and was now riding away from its lair as fast as the horse’s4 legs could carry him.

He had snuck into the lair knowing that his goal5 was dangerous. His cat-like6 steps and soft slippers had made barely a whisper.

To protect himself from the basilisk’s deadly sight, he had practiced his telepathic ability7. Even with his eyes closed, the wizard would have to move slow. He didn’t want to alert the beast and be trapped in this prison8.

The second sight9 guided him to a huge cavern. He could sense the basilisk asleep in a small cutout on the far side. And near it, the box!

The wizard shuffled around the inner wall, avoiding bones and debris of slain warriors that tried before him. When he was almost on top of the box, he crouched down and took a peek at it. Then, he lifted it up, and returned the way he had come.

Near the entrance of the cavern, he accidentally touched the remains of a knight, causing his armour to clatter. The basilisk jumped awake and started slithering toward the wizard.

He ran as ran as fast as he could for daylight.