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The butterfly hunt

“The butterfly1 hunt starts now”, the farmer said as he cut2 the ribbon in front of the gate3 to his corn field. “Remember to stay inside the boundary marked by the flags4.”

People flooded through the gate and hurried through the corn rows to snag their first insects5.

The hunt had become an annual tradition. 12 years ago, the butterfly migration had deviated from its normal route and put them on target to pass through his lands. They’d float down6 and take refuge on his crop, eating and spoiling parts of it.

He had created the competition to deal with the infestation and now, it had grown so popular that people travelled from far-off places to take part.

They’d set an alarm7 and try to get a spot near the gate. There was no prize, but many had questions8 about the impact to the butterflies. “Kill them or take them home. I just don’t want them here.”, said the farmer. Some people carried out heavy bags9 of the insects.

They’d never get all the butterflies, but thinning the numbers without insecticides kept his crops at a premium market share.