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The cataclysm

The meteor struck1 the Pacific half way between Shanghai and Los Angeles. The tsunamis that formed, quickly flooded and destroyed2 coastal cities. Satellite3 broadcasts and the internet would show survivors air-lifted4 from buildings in harnesses by helicopters or living on any available boats5.

That was the beginning of the cataclysm. The meteor carried a pathogen. The sickness started with anyone that had contact with Pacific seawater, but it didn’t stop with them. Having gone airborne, it spread to all corners of the globe. Billions fell ill. Many didn’t make it.

Some tried to profit with snake-oil6, but it would take the countries of the world agreeing7 to work as one to find a cure. They created a medicine8 that tasted like sewage and made you cringe9 for weeks, just thinking about what you had drank. But it worked.

Slowly, the illness went away. Things would never return to normal, but the world would recover and carry on.