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The catacombs

Nathan didn’t really want to visit the catacombs — he was more of a bird-watcher1 and wanted to laze about2 — but his friends had insisted. They were in Paris to see the sights, and the catacombs were a sight unlike any other.

And he had been promised a lobster3 dinner afterward.

Entering the ossuary was easy enough; an aging gate4 leading into what looked like a sewer.

Inside, the ceiling lights cast shadows5 that made everything just a little more macabre. A skeletal hand6 jut out at a weird angle to the wall of skulls it was with.

Something was off, but Nathan couldn’t put his finger on it. As they progressed deeper into the tomb, the walls of bones and skulls started to show interesting patterns7. Ghostly8 images that everyone seemed to miss, except him. The air had gone eerily still too.

And then he saw the bassinet9. It was hard to see in a corner, but as he approached it, details, became clearer.

It was covered in a crimson tinted sheet.

The group had seen enough. They turned around and started heading for the exit.