Cubes for Sat Feb 08 2020 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The Caveman

I was a caveman when they came. Only one step removed from other great apes1, they saw something in us that we couldn’t even imagine.

I was biologically manipulated and cybernetically2 enhanced. My changes were tested against huge machines3 daily.

I was happy to be chosen. Happy to be incredibly advanced compared to my original self.

Until they left.

I was just a play-thing to them. An experiment to be cast aside when they grew board with me.

I raged4 and committed unspeakable acts against my own kind. Punishment for them not being chosen. Punishment for me being the only one to me chosen5.

Punishing myself.

Over time, I grew bored of war6. I travelled the world and tried to teach peace instead.

But the people I met wanted only war.

So I retreated from that world. I locked myself in the cave7 of my creation. An advanced cage8 with a lock9 that won’t be broken by the people of my time. A place to sleep through the eons.

And dream.