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The citidel

“Remember the creature in the swap1. It grabbed you with its claw2, last time”, Nick said through his headset3. He was frantically checking his notes4 on the next stage of the game.

He had been knocked out earlier in the game when his character was shrunk5 by the other team6 and mauled by a St. Bernard7.

The diversion had allowed Mike to get out in front of the other team. His elastic ability8 let him stretch across a canyon that would take the other players a while to sort out.

Mike approached the citadel — the final destination — in the game. Neither he nor Nick had ever made it this far in the game.

“What should I do, Nick?”

“I don’t know, but do it quick before the other team catches up.”

Nick tried to open the door at the base of the citadel. A hole opened below his feet9, sucking him into oblivion.

“WHAT!? That wasn’t in any of the guides!” Nick said as his screen showed a “game over” message.