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The cursed necklace

Bruce knew entering the castle ruins1 was a mistake, but Steve was his best friend2. They were backpacking3 across the country when they stumbled on the ruins.

It had been raining4 and they were looking for a place to dry off. The light from Steve’s headlamp5 glinted off something shiny—a gem-encrusted necklace6 set perfectly on a pedestal.

He picked it up and immediately felt something tingling in his skin. The tingling changed to pain; it felt like his DNA7 was being ripped apart. Neither of them could tell what was going on, but it seemed like the necklace had been laced with some sort of virus8 or something.

And now it was attacking and changing Steve. His skin was bubbling up like something from an old monster movie9.

They stumbled out of the castle and started running to the nearest town. Bruce hoped they’d get there before it was too late.