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The Diversion

Team 2 had almost breached the wall of the vault1. It had been a long week and many hadn’t seen the sun while digging the passage2. They drilled a tiny hole through the final inch of wall to check for people inside the vault3.

Outside, Team 1 started their diversion4. They entered the bank wearing sandwich boards5 with protest banners scrawled on them. When security tried to escort them out, they tossed the signage aside to reveal Kevlar vests6 and guns.

Both teams worked quickly to rob their section of the bank. Team 1 gathered the money from the tellers while Team 2 made off with the money in the vault.

Then Team 1 tossed mace7 canisters around the bank and headed for their getaway car. It would be another couple minutes before police arrived on the scene.

Later, the two teams celebrated and refilled glasses from decanters8 as they watched the tv for news. Witnesses had no valuable information on the whirlwind9 of events and police had zero leads.