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The farm boy

He couldn’t believe he traded being a farmer for this. Owen came from a long line of farmers. When he was young, his brawn would allow him to toss hay1 without effort. His dad often commented2 that the pitchfork3 would break before he did.

But Owen had wanted to see the world. He thought working a freighter4 would allow for that; ships stacked higher than most city buildings5 with cargo, travelling to lots of different ports.

What he found, was a low-entry technician6 job where he rarely saw daylight. He had to wear masks7 and ear protection. The old engine on this boat leaked fumes that would make a man dizzy8 or worse. It was loud enough to make you deaf9. Even wearing ear plugs, Owens ears would be ringing after his shift.

He realized his mistake. As soon as the ship returned home, he’d get off and head back to the farm.