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The final seconds

Chad was handed the ball1 and started charging down the field as fast as he could2.

Chad had studied the playbook3 and could recite it back and forth. This was their secret final play. It all hinged on him now.

He was soon away from the pack with a clear path to the end zone. The sights and sounds faded away4, but every yard felt like an eternity and the clock5 was about to run out.


The two teams had fought hard against each other. Each down felt like a milestone6 as Chad’s team slogged its way to every touchdown.


There had been losses along the way. An ambulance7 drove onto the field a couple times to carry injured players out.


The media and was there in full force with helicopters8 and cameras everywhere. Players were eager to show the world that they had a future in this game.


He suddenly recalled how he had yelled at his mom earlier in the day. She had washed his jersey and he had overreacted at her “washing the luck out”9. He saw the look of sadness on her face as he stormed out of the house with his gear. In that moment, he knew he didn’t deserve this win.