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The Friendship

The plan was simple enough: send a robot1 back in time so it could observe and document life in that time. The droid would observe from the sky, negating the chance of human contact. At the end of its cycle, it would bury itself until the scientists could recover it centuries later.

That was the plan.

When the robot was unearthed, something very different was found. The cave was full of chalk drawings2 and the robot surrounded by treasures of that period.

Its data core revealed that its transport capsule3 had been struck by a small meteor before the robot could be activated, causing it to plummet into the earth.

A woman travelling4 across the land had climbed into the crater5 and turned the robot on6. Being discovered, the robot’s primary mission was re-written and the two became friends.

And then warriors.

The scraps from the capsule were turned into weapons. Her preference was for a trident7, but she was easily adept at swords, maces8, and others.

They rose in power throughout the land and she became queen9.

The robot found the cave for its final rest, and for a few centuries, the queen’s heirs would make a pilgrimage as reminder of all the robot had done for them.