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The giant's dream

The caldron bubbled inside the witch’s cottage1. Outside, a giant2 waited.

It had sought and found the list of items on the witch’s list. A toad3 from a smelly swamp4, a fresh snake5 skin, and some primordial sludge containing something called “single-cell organisms”6 were particularly hard to find.

The witch came outside carrying a large bucket of whatever she had been boiling.

"Before you take it, remember that not only your looks will change, but everything. It will take a lot of exercise7 to regain even a little of your brutish strength.

“Second, the change will hurt8 worse than anything you’ve ever know. If you’re lucky, you’ll pass out and wake up changed. If not, you’ll have to grit your way through and bare it.”

The giant nodded in understanding. He was tired of people running away scared. He wanted friends.

He picked up the bucket, drank the foul mixture, and doubled over in pain9.