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The governess

Meghan was a precocious six year old. When she wasn’t having elaborate tea parties with all her dolls, she’d be playing1 “Cowboys and Indians”. Always an “Indian”, her arrows never missed their mark and her “teepee2” stood tall.

The governess tried to teach that playing such things wasn’t becoming of a young lady, but Meghan wondered3 why asked question4 after question, eventually consumed the day’s lesson and frustrated both of them.

Meghan questions weren’t meant to avoid lessons and she did like her governess. Learning music5 was very fun. Learning about the pyramids6 wasn’t since she couldn’t guess7 why anyone would want to “live” in a house with no windows.

The math8 lessons were her favourite. The governess would bring out playing cards or dice9 and they’d play games of chance. Even when the governess cheated (only a little), Meghan often won.