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The heist

It was supposed to be a simple heist, but things had gone sideways. Schnoz had hit the target1 as planned and made off with the necklace2. The police3 had caught a reflection4 of his face in the security footage and posted it to the news outlets. He would be easily recognized. After all, he wasn’t named “Schnoz” for his receding hairline5.

He had already handed off the necklace to the fence, but since police were looking for him, the people that hired him would be too. They couldn’t risk him being wooed by the sweet music6 of a lighter sentence in exchange for selling them out.

There was a place he’d be safe. It was his only change. Schnoz bagged what he could hand ran. He drove his car until it ran out of gas. Then, he hiked into the woods, only stopping to quickly recharge7 with some baked beans8 he had packed.

If he could stay ahead of everyone, he’d reach his goal9 in a couple days.