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the imp, the faery, and the giant

They met every year before the rainy season; before the bog flooded1 and made it a risk to life2. The goal3 was to be first to get a dragon egg4. The dragons would be out hunting, thinking nobody would risk invading their nest.

The giant5 had never won. Trying to use his brute strength, he would usually get stuck about halfway because the vines of the bog would bind him up.

The imp6 had won for three years in a row. The faery 7was sure he had cheated. This year, she’d try to convince the giant to partner up8 against the imp. He could protect9 her from the imp’s tricks, and hopefully, she could get him closer than he’d ever been to the goal.

They lined up and waited for the first rays of sunlight to appear on the horizon. The imp’s mouth curled into a devious smile.