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The Incan Ruins pt.1

The swamp looked like smooth jello1, a thick, shiny sludge resting on it only being broken by a set of alligator2 eyes. Even if Shaw could drink from that water, it was far too dangerous.

His team had been marching through this jungle for days. The only way in was by parachute3, but that had still put them far away from the goal.

Months ago, he had observed4 a strange shape on a map of the area. It wasn’t clear, but he thought it might be undiscovered Incan pyramid5. After finally getting funding for the trip, he assembled a small team and they made plans.

Already, he had seen so many interesting things, given more time, he would have liked to spend time observing some of the bigger wildlife6 they passed. The plant life7 was just as interesting.

The bugs8 could go away though. If Shaw wasn’t soaked in bug repellant, he was hiding under a mosquito net. Even though he wanted to be on the trip, he wasn’t really the adventurer type. But the institute had insisted that the “finder” should also be the “leader”.

And now, here he was, thirsty and feeling like a bomb9 had gone off in his head from the dreaded heat. But they were getting close. There was no way he was turning back now.