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The Incan Ruins pt.2

Shaw was so relieved when they stumbled on the ruins. It seemed like the trek was taking forever and he has happy to not be constantly pushing through the dense jungle1. He quickly forgot about the unbearable heat and his dreams of being on a fresh snow2, snowboarding.

The ruins weren’t a pyramid, but they did look quite old and ceremonial. The team had been there for a week and Shaw had been flitting about with his archaeology tools3, trying to make sense of what they had found. One day, he had discovered the mechanism that opened the front entrance. A whoosh of dry air crept around the stone door as it rumbled out of the way.

Nobody dared enter yet. They didn’t have the right safety gear4 and getting trapped inside ancient ruins with no way to get help, would be fatal5.

Shortly after the door was opened, some of the team started complaining about tinnitus6. The team medic thought it might be malaria and put them on medication for it.

And then someone went missing7.

The team yelled into the ruins and got no response. Before anyone risked going in, the team split into small groups and did a search8 of the surrounding area. Reuniting9 back at camp, some thought he might have had a run-in with a wild animal, getting dragged off. But nobody had heard any screams, and there were no signs of big animals in the area.

Someone would have to go into the ruins and have a look around.