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The kunoichi

It had been days since the kunoichi had slept. She had been given a difficult mission and wasn’t about to fail.

Being airdropped1 into the high mountains meant she had to trek down them into the valley below. Even with her advanced training, parts of the journey were treacherous. She ripped part of her yoroi2 when she almost slipped from a thin ledge.

In the valley was an old castle3. A stronghold that had been impossible to reach for those that had tried before her. She expertly avoided the external guards by retreating into tiny hollows near trees4.

The ninja clawed and scurried5 her way up the side of a tower to the top.

Now, she just had to bypass the locking mechanism6 on an old unwatched gate and sneak in to finish the job. Lack of a key7 wasn’t going to stop her now.

She slowly consumed a packet of herbs that would stave off the dizziness8 and restore her strength9. Then, she moved toward the entrance.