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The lieutenant

They had sent in the chaplain1 to take final confession and deliver the final message2. Everyone thought the lieutenant was going to die.

His harness had snapped on a routine decent3 into an old cavern used to dump toxic waste4. He had dropped into three foot deep sludge.

He was wearing a hazmat suit5, but it wasn’t rated for being submerged in dangerous, unknown chemicals. By the time they pulled him out, his suit was full of the waste.

Now, laying in a hospital bed, the lieutenant looked around. It seemed as though everyone was telling him to remain calm, but that he was the calmest person in the room.

Doctors couldn’t help but cringe6 at the sores appearing on his body. For some reason, the lieutenant thought they all smelled. It was like he had a wolf’s7 sense of smell and everyone that came in hadn’t bathed in weeks, but that couldn’t be right.

Could it? He felt better than normal… even if he didn’t look it.

Wafting through the window, he heard the most beautiful music8, but nobody else noticed it. All he wanted to do was run to it. He felt as though he could run so fast that he could fly9.