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The lost keys

Joel had spent the day wandering through the woods near his home. It was his favourite way to relax after a stressful week and he always lost track of time1.

The woods had everything including a babbling brook with a quaint little bridge2.

But today was different. When he got home, he discovered the chain3 he attached his keys4 to had snapped. He pressed the doorbell5, but nobody answered. Meghan was out at a girls’ night.

Joel didn’t want to spoil her night. He had plenty of cellphone battery left and if it got too dark, the torch6 on it was pretty good.

He headed back into the woods to search7 for his keys. There was only a slim chance that he’d find them, but he didn’t have any other plans for the night.

As the sun set8, a beautiful rainbow9 was visible in the distance. Joel imagined his keys being at the end of it.